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The 30J12 shares the same features as the 20J12, but utilizes the “turbo” tube Standel used in the early 60s, the 7591 – a magical combo when paired with the Standel sound.

The 7591 offers a higher headroom, warmer, fuller Standel clean tone, with smooth clipping and a Marshalleque grit when overdriven – making this a very versatile amp.

The 30J12, along with the 20J12, is the core Standel sound and aesthetics. While all of the amplifiers we are reproducing are the very best Standel ever offered – this particular model is an absolute standout and is our staff choice for the max in tone, looks, volume and portability. It’s great for every style of music.

Ideal for standard guitar for small to medium venues, studios, and your favorite music room. Steel guitar appropriate for “period” work.

Shown here in standard tan with standard handle.

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  • Tan Tolex w/ Brown/Silver Stripe Grill
  • Brushed Aluminum Metal Photo Faceplate
  • Aluminum trim
  • Point to Point, terminal strip wired circuit
  • Standel “Slantback” Trapezoid Profile Poplar cabinet w/ Baltic Birch baffle
  • 2×7591, 2x12ax7, Solid State Rectifier Plug (any 8-pin rectifier can be subbed)
  • Mojotone 12” Anthem Speaker
  • 18-watts
  • 33 pounds
  • Made in the USA


  • Combo: 23.75W x 10.5D x 17.5H

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2 reviews for Standel 30J12

  1. Charles Buchanan

    Love it!! Am getting that sweet, crisp beautiful sound with pic and fingers I was after. Totally the STANDEL ARTIST is what I needed. I studied with Carol Kaye. Played dates w Keith Richards, Stones, Ronnie Wood, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Willie Nelson, Neil Young. In my world your STANDEL ARTIST is the best amp now made. Could not be happier totally is everything I hoped it would be. Thank you so much for keeping this brand alive. – Charles Buchanan, NM

  2. Phil Sylvester

    There is a magic about the 30J12. I don’t understand it, I can’t explain it or give it a name, but it’s definitely there. I have played guitar for nearly 60 years and have owned loads of boutique amps and nearly every iconic vintage design. These days, whenever I play through one of my other favorite amps, it just sounds like there is something missing, something I love in the sound of the 30J12 that the old favorite lacks. I find I go back to the 30J12 again and again as my number one. And not just for one guitar. Because the two channels are voiced somewhat differently, the 30J12 has become my favorite amp for whatever guitar I pick up. I’ve never experience that before in a single amp. Finally, though the 30J12’s clean voice is gorgeous, its breakup is also exceptionally musical. One amp that sounds better than all of my others, with every guitar, clean or dirty. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not experienced it first hand. I love this amp.

    Phil Sylvester, Pheo Guitars

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