Standel 30J12



The 30J12 shares the same features as the 20J12, but utilizes the “turbo” tube Standel used in that era, the 7591 – a magical combo when paired with the Standel sound.

The 7591 offers a higher headroom, warmer, fuller Standel clean tone, with smooth clipping and that overdrives easily when pushed – making this a great rock and country rock amp. The “T” version offers the lush, Standel tube tremolo.

Ideal for standard guitar for small to medium venues, studios, and your favorite music room. Steel guitar appropriate for “period” work.


  • Cream Tolex w/ Brown/Silver Stripe Grill
  • Deluxe Illuminated Dial
  • Aluminum trim
  • Standel Trapezoid Profile cabinet
  • Point to Point, terminal strip wired circuit
  • Poplar cabinet w/ Baltic Birch baffle
  • 2×7591, 2x12ax7, Solid State Rectifier Plug (any 8-pin rectifier can be subbed)
  • Mojotone 12” Anthem Speaker
  • 20-watts
  • 33 pounds
  • Made in the USA


  • Combo: 23.75W x 10.5D x 17.5H
  • Head: 23.75W x 8.5D x 8.5H


  • Add Custom color: $100
  • Add Back Lighted Standel Badge: $50
  • Add “T” Tremolo Version: $300
  • Head version:  -$75

For covers, see Studio

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