Standel 50J12


The ‘59 50J12 reissue is a warm sounding, soulful 18-watt, 12” combo amplifier with a smoky high end and full low end. The “50” circuit appeared in several forms from 1958-1961 as a head and combo, and this circuit is an exact recreation of the best circuit we’ve seen to date.
It features warm sounding 6V6 tubes, a “J” for Weber Alnico Jensen style speaker, fixed-bias operation, and negative feedback – features often associated with Fender, which gives the 50J12 a Fendery feel, while remaining an entirely original Standel design.
The 50J12 delivers rich harmonics and thick, twangy cleans. There is a fat bite to the attack of this amp that sets it apart from the other Standels, and a perfect match for any guitar or steel guitar we’ve plugged into it – and we all know how hard it is to find an amp that loves all guitars.
The 50J12 features 2 channels – one bright, one normal, with shared Treble and Bass controls – and the channels are slightly interactive so the opposite channel can be used to adjust gain. The first pre-amp tube can also be swapped for different types to achieve anything from laid back to heavy gain levels.
While the 50J12 is delivers rich cleans for country, jazz, roots rock, etc., it clips and overdrives smoothly with no fizzing out or blocking distortion as found in so many of its contemporaries. (The slightly higher cost of this model is due to higher parts count/labor and Alnico speaker). For those wishing for more power, a 25-watt 6L6 version 1×15” combo is available as an upgrade.
Whisper quiet operation, cool running, ready for studio use and small gigs. The sky is the limit as far as what you can achieve with this inspiring amp. If ever there was an amplifier that makes you want to play endlessly, this is it.
Note: Standel model designations break down like this: the first 2 numbers are the model number (not necessarily wattage), the second letter is for the speaker type – “J” for Jensen (which most Standel came equipped with) and “L” for Lansing (JBL). The last 2 digits are the speaker size.

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  • Tan Tolex w/ Brown/Silver Stripe Grill
  • Brushed Aluminum Metal Photo Faceplate
  • Aluminum trim
  • Point to Point, terminal strip wired circuit
  • Standel “Slantback” Trapezoid Profile Poplar cabinet w/ Baltic Birch baffle
  • 2×6V6, 2x12ax7, NOS 6BQ7 (comes with spare), 5Y3 rectifier
  • Weber 12a125 Alnico Speaker
  • 18-watts
  • 33 pounds
  • Made in the USA


  • Combo: 23.75W x 10.5D x 17.5H

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