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The 20J12 is a reissue of the coveted ‘61-‘62 20J12, driven by a pair of cathode biased EL84’s. A 1×12” combo, with gain adding Treble and Bass controls and two separate channels – one voiced for single coils, the other for humbuckers.

The 20J12 was Standel’s answer to the Fender Deluxe, and delivers the unique Standel circuitry and sound in a conventionally tubed, lightweight package; rich cleans that chime and twang and when turned up it overdrives high up on the dial with that distinctive EL84 bite.

With its brushed aluminum metal photo faceplate, an original feature, the 20J12 offers a studio quiet noise floor and volume that belies its size. The original Standel catalog referred to the 20J12 as an “outstanding amplifier in its class” and you’ll agree – with its proprietary Standel designed cascode tube phase inverter, there is a detail and clarity not found in amps of this era – making it perfect for surf, jazz, jangle-pop, indie rock, country and of course the roots rock in which Standel is indelibly linked.

Of the 200 or so originals made, they seldom change hands; Now the 20J12 is available again after 60 years. It’s perfect for standard guitar or low volume lap steel guitar; a grab and go, pedal friendly platform for small venues, studios, and your favorite music room.

Shown in standard colors with real leather steel reinforced handle.


  • Tan Tolex w/ Brown/silver stripe grill
  • Standel “Slant Back” Trapezoid Profile Cabinet
  • Brush Aluminum Metal Photo Faceplate
  • Aluminum trim
  • Steel reinforced real leather handle with chrome buckles
  • Point to Point, terminal strip wired circuit
  • Poplar cabinet w/ Baltic Birch baffle
  • 2xEL84, 2x12ax7, 5Y3 rectifier
  • 32 pounds
  • 15-watts
  • Mojotone Anthem Speaker
  • Made in the USA


  • Combo: 23.75W x 10.5D x 17.5H

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1 review for Standel 20J12

  1. James Gaudette

    I have been using Fender amps for as long as I can remember. They all sounded great, but they were missing something to my ear. I have owned Tweeds, Deluxe Reverbs and numerous Princetons. My Standel 20J12 not only surpasses those amps, it also recreates the tones I heard on my favorite recordings! Either with pedals or without, I can dial in warm & bright expressive sounds perfect for the styles I play (Swing/Gypsy Jazz, Surf, Rockabilly, Classic Country and Blues). With the 12” speaker I have more headroom and a less “muddy” sound than the Princetons. Also with the EL84s, there is a sweeter “buttery” tone, more touch sensitivity and awesome breakup at higher volumes. I use it with a Tele, a Jaguar, a Grez, various archtops and a custom Lord Mystic Deluxe. They all sound great with it, especially the single coils! Even at higher levels there is little to no noise from this amp. The cabinet is lightweight and easy to transport. This is my go to amp now. I have sold all my other tube amps, this amp is that versatile. – James Gaudette, MA

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