Standel 20J12



The 20J12 is a reissue of the coveted ‘61-‘62 20J12, driven by a pair of cathode biased EL84’s. A 1×12” combo, with gain adding Treble and Bass controls and two separate channels – one voiced for single coils, the other for humbuckers.

The 20J12 was Standel’s answer to the Fender Deluxe, and delivers the unique Standel circuitry and sound in a conventionally tubed, lightweight package; rich cleans that chime and twang and when turned up it overdrives with that distinctive EL84 bite – this is a great choice for those who want tube break-up at lower volumes. The “T” version adds the lush Standel tube tremolo.

Of the 200 or so originals made, they seldom change hands; Now the 20J12 is available again after 60 years. It’s perfect for standard guitar or low volume lap steel guitar; a grab and go, pedal friendly platform for small venues, studios, and your favorite music room.


  • Cream Tolex w/ Brown/silver stripe grill
  • Deluxe Illuminated Dial
  • Aluminum trim
  • Standel Trapezoid Profile Cabinet
  • Point to Point, terminal strip wired circuit
  • Poplar cabinet w/ Baltic Birch baffle
  • 2xEL84, 2x12ax7, 5Y3 rectifier
  • 32 pounds
  • 15-watts
  • Mojotone Anthem Speaker
  • Made in the USA


  • Combo: 23.75W x 9.5D x 17.5H
  • Head:  23.75W x 8.5D x 8.5H


  • Add Custom color: $100
  • “T” Version w/ Tube Tremolo: $300
  • Head version: -$75

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