Standel 25L15 ‘53 Reissue Amplifier


The 1953 Standel 25L15. Founder Bob Crooks built 64 of these hot rod amps in his garage in Los Angeles, California for celebrity musicians of the day. Bill Carson said Leo Fender borrowed one to help create his first tweed Twin.

This is the sound indelibly linked to 50s and 60s Nashville music – Chet Atkins recorded everything he ever did with his. One listen and you’ll immediately recognize the elegant clean sounds from those recordings.

Boasting the exact original circuitry and historic construction methods, the 25L15 features a split chassis design along with a JBL D130 with warranty, and 6L6GC (a higher power variant of the 807/6L6G), which produce the volume and headroom modern players demand.

Appropriate for roots music for small to medium venues and period steel guitar work.

This is not simply an amplifier – it’s an instrument.



Padded Cream Naugahyde
Brown/Silver Stripe Grill
Deluxe Edge Lighted Dial
Slantback Cabinet
Chrome faceplate trim and bumpers
Steel reinforced leather handle
Aluminum banding from 1953 stock
Point to Point, terminal strip wired circuit
Poplar cabinet with Baltic Birch Baffle
2x6L6GC, 12au7, 12at7, 12ax7, 5U4 rectifier
25 watts
JBL D130 15”
58 pounds
Made in the USA

Add Custom color: $150
Add 2-tone color: $225

For covers, see Studio

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