Robert “Bob” C. Crooks


Robert “Bob” C. Crooks founder of The Standel Company, pictured here (photo by Willie G. Moseley of Vintage Guitar Magazine) at the 1997 Vintage Guitar Show held at the Orange County Fairgrounds. Bob was reunited with the 25L15 he built in 1953 for Merle Travis (serial #1002), currently owned by California luthier Richard Allen of R. C. Allen Guitars.

As consultant to Standel, Mr. Crooks was instrumental in the reissue of the 25L15 “Vintage Plus” and lived to see its successful reintroduction.

In memory of Bob Crooks, Willie G. Moseley of Vintage Guitar Magazine is quoted to say, “The irony of Crooks passing just as one of his most renowned products cranked into manufacture is unmistakable. I think he was proud of the new product with his original company name, just as I think he was proud of his original products in the ’50s and ’60s, as well as his contributions with other companies in subsequent decades.”