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Description File
Service Manual and Schematics for Artist Reverb and Studio Models, SA15R, A20R, A12R, A15R, A10R, 520R, S10R, S12R §464k
Preliminary Operating Instructions for Super Imperial and Imperial Line Solid State Amplifiers with Reverb and Vibrato §154k
Standel Service Information - Circuit Description §28k
Test Procedure - Imperial and Custom Models §20k








§ Schematics Home § Colored Coded Epoxy Modules § 1962 § 1964 § 1967 § 1968 § 1969 § 1970 § 1971 § 1972

All schematics are in Portable Document Format (.pdf). To View PDF documents, you will need a reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader™. To download the latest version, click on the icon below.