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Musical Instruments

In 1961, Standel became involved in the distribution of stringed Musical Instruments. The first examples of this were the Standel "Strad," which incorporated a pickup built into the bridge designed to reproduce the full range of the violin without destroying the natural tone quality of the instrument.

The Resophonic Guitar, released on 3-3-62, was built by the Dopra brothers (the originators of the Dobro) for Standel and saw limited production for just a few short years. Later, during that same period, Standel became the distributor for Sierra Pedal Steels.

Standel made three attempts at marketing electric guitars under the Standel name. The best article on the subject is in Vintage Guitar magazine, May, 2002. It is very detailed and far beyond the scope of this website.

In 1967, a third and final attempt at electric guitars was made. This time, Standel was determined to create something very special. This series of instruments was designed by luthier Sam Koontz of Harptone Manufacturing Corporation located at 127 South 15th Street, Newark, New Jersey. These instruments were beautifully made and are quite rare, about 300 were made. Prices ranged from $385 to $1,200 (in 1967 dollars). The instrument pictured below originally sold for $922 including hardshell case. Today, examples of these instruments have appricated in value considerably and sell for very respectable prices.

Pictured below is an example of model 920-S (c.1967)



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