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Wes Montgomery

Wes Montgomery at the Factory

The incredible Wes Montgomery (middle) seen here at The Standel Company factory in 1968 on one of his many west coast visits.

Also pictured are Franklin Garlock (left) Standel Public Relations/Sales and Robert C. Crooks (right) The Standel Company founder.

Wes Montgomery, on stage playing a Gibson L-5 through his 1965 Standel Super Custom XV.

Wes Montgomery on Stage
Super Custom XV

Standel Super Custom XV, as used by Wes Montgonery.

The 1965 version featured two channels. The Normal channel included: Volume, Treble, Bass. In the above photo of Wes he is shown playing through the Reverb/Vibrato channel which included: Volume, Treble, Bass, Contour (cut only), Reverb, Intensity and Speed.

All solid-state electronics with about 70 watts RMS of power and a JBL D-130-F speaker.

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