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Bob began making the rounds to some of the local Los Angeles-area County Music shows. The first place he went to was Cliffie Stone's Hometown Jamboree which was held at the El Monte Legion Stadium, just blocks away from Bob's backyard workshop in Temple City. He approached Speedy West and asked him to try his amplifier out. Speedy agreed but did not try out the amp on a break--he calmly smoked and talked to people while Bob sat out in the audience and worried about whether or not the amp would cut it! Of course, when Speedy hit the first few bars from his Bigsby tripleneck steel guitar, the sound coming from his amp so amazed him that he turned his head back to see what the heck kind of amplifier it was! He ordered the very first Standel amp that night.

The next night Bob took his amplifier to the Town Hall Party Dance in Compton, California. Joe Maphis and Merle Travis were playing that night, and Bob asked them the same thing he asked Speedy. Once again, the amplifier was a super success, and Joe Maphis & Merle Travis ordered the second and third Standel Amplifier that night.

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